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  • 3-Piece Energy, Purification and Evil Eye Ritual Set: Sage, Peganum, Lavender Incense Product content: 3 ritual sets. 1 sage, 1 sage, 1 lavender incense bundle. You can use this set, which will change the energy of spaces in your rituals: during new moon periods, when you move to a new office or house, or when you want to change the energy of negative environments.

    6-Piece Energy, Purification and Evil Eye Ritual Set: Sage, Hormonal, Lavender Incense

    ₺259.80 Regular Price
    ₺109.80Sale Price
    • How to use? Lightly burn your incense from the tip. Shake it in your hand with light circular movements so that its scent integrates with the air. After performing this process for 10-15 seconds, add salt to a fireproof plate and press the burning part onto the salt. After a while, the sage will extinguish on its own. Do not leave your incense until you are sure it has gone out. Be careful to ventilate the area while doing this to avoid exposure to excessive smoke. You can perform the process while the window and balcony door are open and close it after the ritual is over.

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